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Tobias Diedrich ranma+openmoko at
Thu Apr 2 18:23:38 CEST 2009

Iain B. FIndleton wrote:
> A significant issue for me is the performance of the graphics display on 
> the FR. I recall some discussions a while back about making use of the 
> XGlamo acceleration features. Has any progress been made here? It 
> appears to me that the graphics performance on the FR is poor compared 
> to, for instance, the iPhone or iTouch, both of which have slower CPUs. 
> When applications running on the FR have their X output routed to a 
> machine with accelerated graphics, it is apparent that the FR processor 
> can deliver the X events fast enough, but the FR graphics chip interface 
> can't keep up.

Isn't the glamo supposed to have one (or more?) OpenRISC cores?
It would be nice to have a documented way to upload code to the
core, that way it might be possible to implement the Bling on the
graphics chip directly...
I mean, since OpenRISC has a documented instruction set (unless
they've augmented it) set I'd figure the only thing missing would
 be where to put the code and how to start it...

So, just like with the mpeg4 decoding unit, wouldn't it be
possible for someone with access to the NDA documentation to write
an example program that just shows how to run a simple program (e.g.
bitblt) on the OpenRISC processor?

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