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2009/4/3 Carsten Haitzler <raster at>

> so the other side of that is to do everything with the cpu in system ram
> and
> transfer to the glamo when done - so you only deal with the slow write
> once, at
> the end. but remember the write - when being done, will hold the cpu
> hostage
> and as it is now slowed down to 1/6th its normal speed during this write -
> you
> lose even more cpu power.
> the solution is to just update less of the screen, make drawing simple so
> the
> cpu has to do less when software-rendering, and/or drop down to qvga.
> please dig over the archives of this list. this has been gone over in gory
> detail before :)

Hi Raster. Thanks for your splendid presentation of the graphics issue... I
manage to find it from the archives.

What really surprises me is the fact that if this is so clear, why is
Comunity not working
on qvga graphics yet? Is it not a waste of time to try to get glamo fully
working and then
keep on going over VGA resolution?

I'd prefer to drive the funnier modest car than to have the ferrary parked
outside... I though
linux and free software people were mostly this way.

There is no spoon
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