Sean's speech at ESC about making a 3G device

Sander openmoko at
Fri Apr 3 09:48:51 CEST 2009

Justyn Butler wrote (ao):
> 2009/4/2 Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms at>:
> > I bought the OpenMoko to get a more Free Software phone, not one that
> > gets less and less Free as new devices come up :)
> Well due to the expense it is clear that no 3G device is going to be
> Openmoko's main phone for a long time. No one is going to stop anyone
> buying a non-3G Openmoko phone.
> What this is suggesting, I suppose, is a 3G derivative if there was
> serious demand (or should I say, concrete demand in the form of a
> large order. I personally demand it quite seriously!).
> While it is a shame that the 3G part would be closed, it would clearly
> be a legal necessity. It would be that or no 3G version at all.

What about a FR without 3G but with a 'normal' size USB2.0 port in which
you can plug a 3G dongle?

This has several advantages:

o FR would be more free
o FR would be less expensive
o only one expensive heavy duty 3G contract for both your FR and your laptop
o upgrading of 3G without the need for upgrading the FR

FR would still have GPRS in this scenario.

The USB port would be on the edge of the FR where we find the AUX button
now. This would make the dongle point more or less upwards in both
landscape and portrait mode.

Related to this I'm looking for a converter between the small USB port
on the FR and a 3G USB dongle (or a USB keyboard). I've searched but not
found any. Any tips?

	With kind regards, Sander

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