Sean's speech at ESC about making a 3G device

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Fri Apr 3 10:06:26 CEST 2009

El día Friday, April 03, 2009 a las 09:48:51AM +0200, Sander escribió:

> What about a FR without 3G but with a 'normal' size USB2.0 port in which
> you can plug a 3G dongle?
> This has several advantages:
> o FR would be more free
> o FR would be less expensive
> o only one expensive heavy duty 3G contract for both your FR and your laptop
> o upgrading of 3G without the need for upgrading the FR
> FR would still have GPRS in this scenario.
> The USB port would be on the edge of the FR where we find the AUX button
> now. This would make the dongle point more or less upwards in both
> landscape and portrait mode.
> Related to this I'm looking for a converter between the small USB port
> on the FR and a 3G USB dongle (or a USB keyboard). I've searched but not
> found any. Any tips?

Interesting. I have an USB dongle Huawei E220 which I'm using for my
EeePC laptop to go to Internet via UMTS. This E220 is a small puck with
a small USB connector, comes with a short (10cm) cable to connect it to
a normal USB port of a laptop. I was already thinking in buying a short
cable with small USB connectors on both ends (or even just something like
a stick having small USB connectors on both ends without any cable) to
connect this E220 as well to my FR and use the pppd in the FR...


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