Graphics Performance

rixed at rixed at
Fri Apr 3 11:20:34 CEST 2009

> I feel the "ferrari" analogy is broken. it depends on what you would
> like to do with the device. Moving bling bling is not efficient, Ok.
> Things that demand high resolution, like ebooks and emacs work fine.

I spend some time in the terminal myself, generally to fix something in a
config file or to mount manually something on USB or fix the network
configuration. If the device were working flawlessly and with a good GUI for
all apps, I wouldn't mind not hurting my eyes on the small chars :-)

For working seriously in a terminal I need a keyboard and a large screen anyway
(or a magnifying glass maybe ?). I don't know how you manage emacs with the
various CTRL+ALT+META-x on the virtual keyboard but I sure can not stand it for
more than a few minutes.

As for reading in general (ebooks or web browser), I admin this is certainly
better in a bigger resolution. The same goes for viewing maps. But all in all,
a small gadget with small screen and no keyboard will never replace a desktop
computer. So personnaly I am looking for other use cases for my FR, and a
smaller resolution and better responsiveness is the direction I want to go.

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