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And what about the next idea?

I think the main screen in the neo is a simple app laucher with some widgets
info about the state of system components. I don't consider so necessary the
definition for all that is shown in this screen so use qvga would make it
faster and
more fluent.

In case we use an application that could take advantage to the screen
resolution we
could launch it forcing the X-windows server to change to vga resolution.
After the
application ends we could come back to the previous Xwindows state.

This could be a flexible and better performance solution...

2009/4/3 Iain B. FIndleton <ifindleton at>

> In my case, one of the motivations for looking into the FR was the VGA
> graphics capability. Any old phone would do for QVGA level performance.
> As for the ferrari analogy, as far as graphics performance goes, it
> looks like the Apple produces and their competitors make the FR look
> like the poor cousin, which to me means that it does not have far to go
> as a phone of the future. Its just an interesting little gadget for
> hobbyists.
> Makes me wonder what the designers were thinking.
> For non-graphics intensive applications, however, the FR is quite
> adequate in VGA mode.
> rixed at wrote:
> > -[ Fri, Apr 03, 2009 at 09:45:37AM +0200, Miguel Ángel Calderón ]----
> >
> >> What really surprises me is the fact that if this is so clear, why is
> >> Comunity not working on qvga graphics yet?
> >> (...)
> >> I'd prefer to drive the funnier modest car than to have the ferrary
> parked
> >> outside... I though linux and free software people were mostly this way.
> >>
> >
> > I was feeling exactly the same, and will try qvga asap.
> >
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