[openBmap] Version 0.2.0 released of the GSM cell, GPS logger

Onen onen.om at free.fr
Fri Apr 3 19:39:01 CEST 2009


ok, thanks for the explanations.

Here you go:

Let me know if you see errors, possible improvements, etc...


kimaidou wrote:
> Hi
> About the advantages of opkg.org <http://opkg.org>
> * a software dedicated website, so that I can easily know the new and 
> updated softs with rss feeds (I don't have to filter the new entries in 
> the openmoko wiki and get lost among the amount of information)
> * a small description for each software (you can do this on a wiki page, 
> I know), and each soft has the same description page template
> * at the moment, there is a small number of distro (SHR and OM are the 
> most used), but this does not say that it will stay forever, so it could 
> be hard to ask the developper of each new platform to integrate it on 
> the repos
> * a lot of visitors
> * you do not have to store the ipk on opkg. A link or description to 
> your repo is OK . So you can do both : put a description on opkg, and 
> put the package in the distro feeds
>   I believe a portal containing a updated list of all softwares is great 
> for the users who are not always connected to the mailing lists and 
> wikis. For example, I saw the Hackable:A developpers have released a 
> great rss reader application ( 
> https://trac.hackable1.org/trac/wiki/FeedReader ) . It could be used by 
> users using another debian based distribution (fyp or other), but there 
> is no way for them to know. If this app was in opkg, everyone would know 
> (I know, this is not a good examplen, as opkg is only for ipk package 
> and not deb, but you understand the meaning :D )
> Cheers
> Kimaidou

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