The future of the Neo Freerunner

Marcel tanuva at
Fri Apr 3 20:18:00 CEST 2009

Am Friday 03 April 2009 19:39:19 schrieb Thomas Bumberger:
> As Openmoko sacked/was left by 50% of its developers and halted the
> development of GTA03
> i want to know your opinion on the future of the Neo.
> As it seems Openmoko stopped funding FSO too.
> Are there any official statements beside the announcement yesterday at
> OpenExpo.

1. They iced 03 in favor of another project which is yet to be announced, so 
work is still going on.
2. These devs don't belong to Openmoko Inc. anymore, but they still contribute 
heavily to one or another aspect of the OM world. Afaik.


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