ffalarms 0.2.1 and atd-over-fso (now works on SHR-testing)

Łukasz Pankowski lukpank at o2.pl
Fri Apr 3 23:19:13 CEST 2009

Marcel <tanuva at googlemail.com> writes:

> Am Friday 03 April 2009 18:44:46 schrieb Yogiz:
>> Secondly, it doesn't wake up the phone out of suspend on my SHR. When
>> returning from suspend manually afterwards it displays the turning off
>> alarm page and plays the sound (although very quitely).
>> If I can get it to wake up the phone then the app will be good enough
>> for me.
> Is there any trick to achieve this? I noticed that, too...

Be sure to have ffalarms 0.2.1 and read my previous post on missing
".Device." in alarm.py in older frameworkd, may be this is the case
(don't know how recent is your SHR).

> --
> Marcel

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