latest and greatest, progress mail 4 (stable 2.6.28 usage)

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at
Sat Apr 4 16:15:38 CEST 2009

(install instructions updated on 2090404: see below)

New progress/bugs:

All Ok:
- 20090401: 2.6.28 ok (even 2.6.29-rc2 ok)
- 20090401: alarms (using atd from, since no
  newer package exists), normal + when suspended
- 20090401: wake up when receiving sms
- 20090401: call + echo check
- 20090401: missed call bug
- 20090401: duplicate sms thing: solved
- 20090401: mail ok
- 20090401: wifi ok
- 20090403: voice notes (see my mail/patch) ok
- 20090404: usb cable handling: ok (mailed a patch to Filip, I hope he
  integrates all the 2.6.28 patches and commits them)
- 20090404: bluetooth ok (need to downgrade to bluez3 and not use
  bluez4, install script updated accordingly)

Problems (more like small nuisances now):
- sms stay on SIM as well as on phone
  ==> All sms's are stored on the phone *and* on the SIM. I don't think
  that this is wanted behaviour (deleting an SMS only works on the
  SMS's stored on the phone)
- alarm kept on vibrating this morning (I missed the first alarm, and
  probably after some time it suspended and restarted but the vibrating
  continued even after I pressed "dismiss").
- if you set the time back to something in the past, the clock service
  crashes and you need to restart qtextended if you want to use the
  clock again
- if you reboot, wlan is "online" and you need to put it offline (can
  cause battery issues)
- second call incoming needs to be checked if working ok

Install instructions:
download the script
read the comments at the top and then execute the script on your
openmoko (after having flashed the device and made sure internet works)



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