Bying a Freerunner with the "buzz"-fix on it

Steve Mosher steve at
Sat Apr 4 23:33:14 CEST 2009

Cédric Berger wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 02:09, Steve Mosher <steve at> wrote:
>> so much for my schedules.
>>  There were some issues with ALSA states. so manufacturing got put on
>> hold. then Chinese new year. I'll have an update shortly on A7.
> So as I understand these were issues not only relating to software ?
   The issues are as follows:
   1. A delay due to the timing of chinese new year. factories shut down.
   2. We needed to check that the ALSA states in the production image
     gave a good experience on the A7.
   3. Engineering a smooth transition in the channel between the A6
      which is in inventory, and the A7.
   4. Coming up with a plan for fixing as much of the buzz issue on
      existing stock as possible.
   5. Working with our distributors to roll the A7 out.
> Because if it was just a matter of alsa states files not ready yet,
> production would not have to be put on hold (hey if openmoko would
> wait for software be ready to start production, no freerunner would be
> existing yet ;-) )
   Sorry, but I got the hammer on this one. I didnt want to launch A7 
and  require customers to reflash as their first chore. Further, I 
wanted to go over the test results myself for the phones sent to test 
before I committed to SMT and assembly. I did that in late feb.
> And if it is the buzz fix (by adding the cap) that causes potential
> problems... what about the SOP currently applied to freerunners ? They
> may be impacted by incorrect ALSA states ?
  Yes, that was a concern of mine as well, so this too had to be checked 
and verified. The complication being that a reworked A6 can only be 
distinguished AFAIK by visual inspection and not by checking a bit in 
the hardware. Joerg may correct me on this, but I believe the only ALSA 
state setting that may be effected is the mic sensitivity or gain ( 
can't recall, exactly )
> oh... and still no update about A7 production ? Since I probably have
> my phone to be replaced (broken button), I am waiting for Bearstech to
> get new phones.... (they are out of stock, and anyway since I have to
> send my phone I want either a A7 or at least the buzz fix applied...
> not having to send it again later to get it fixed...)

  When distributors start to take shipments of A7 ( see 1-5 above) we 
will make an announcement. The buzz fixing program is coming together
with Tuxbrain taking a pivotal role in working through the logistics
with me.

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