Sean's speech at ESC about making a 3G device

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Sun Apr 5 01:49:10 CEST 2009

On Fri, Apr 03, 2009 at 11:27:02PM -0700, Steve Mosher wrote:
> The GTA03 as a design had a recamping bug. it kept changing. and changes
> of course, are perceived as "easy". after all, hardware is just like 
> software.. I won't go through all the iterations of GTA03. But it's 
> processor changed, the RFs changed, in the end the design had no
> Wifi and no GPS. Raise your hand if think that a GTA03 with no wifi
> and no GPS is good thing to sell to the community? Raise your hand if
> you think it was a mistake to kill this?

   Yes, I think GPS and Wifi/WLAN can be considered a requirement these days
for anything else than a basic cell phone.

   I kind of like the GTA02.5 idea (see Tim Dobson's message) as a follow up
to the GTA02:

Upgrade S3C2442B to S3C6410.
Take out the Glamo, including
   - using the S3C LCM interface for the display.
   - using the S3C SDIO interface for the SD card connector. This means
     finding somewhere else to hook up the Wifi chip (and in turn finding
     another Wifi chip I guess).
Upgrade Calypso GSM to Cinterion MC75i.

Time, space and cost permitting:
Camera on S3C6410 camera interface.
Stylus with middle and right "mouse" buttons.
Increased maximum display brightness.
Increased maximum speaker volume.

Generally keep everything else as in GTA02v8.

   Most of this was already being worked on for the GTA03 - certainly the
kernel patches suggest so. So I'm curious what changed so much in the
intended usages of the GTA03 (compared to GTA02) that it had to be cance^W^H
postponed. The Neo1973 was released in July 2007 and the Freerunner in July
2008, so with about the same number of changes for the new device as between
the two previous ones, perhaps a "GTA2.5" could have been out in about July
2009. It must have been more than just the volume up/down buttons that did

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