Recommended GTA01 images?

Ben Wilson ben at
Sun Apr 5 05:40:50 CEST 2009

try   shr-lite-image-om-gta01.jffs2   from

Seems to work great on my gta01, dialling / suspend / sms etc..
By default it won't suspend automatically after x seconds, but this 
might be easy to change.
I just suspend it myself before putting it in my pocket every time 
(click X at homescreen for shutdown/suspend options).
It has always woken up from suspend when calls or txt arrive. so yeah, 
seems perfectly stable to me for everyday use.

There's some shr tweaks here
(some may already have been done to the image, ie, i didn't have to do 
fast suspend and no echo)

The GPRS scripts here also work for me
It doesn't have a browser in the image however you can opkg install one


Mikko Rauhala wrote:
> Hi
> It seems that my FRs are suffering from additional HW woes to the usual
> ones, and I just contacted my vendor with warranty questions.
> Meanwhile, what's hot nowadays for a GTA01 if one wants the phone
> functions to somewhat work, and yeah, suspend too preferrably?

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