Buying a Freerunner

Gunnar AAstrand Grimnes gunnar.grimnes at
Sun Apr 5 18:45:02 CEST 2009

> 1. The phone selling for 299 on the main site, do es it have the bug
> fix? or might I still have that problem?

>From Steve recent email about getting the v7 through production I guess not.

> 2. the question is, what is the community's suggestion? those who
> already have freerunners, would y'all suggest I get one, if only to
> play with it and not use it as a phone?  It'd be worth it just for the
> wifi. If the wifi is working right.

I'm going to be blunt here: No. If you do not want a phone but a cool
linux gadget with wifi, get a nokia n810. Afaik it can do everything the
openmoko does apart from GSM.

The openmoko has too many problems that are tricky to solve normally,
and even trickier without a real company supporting them. For instance,
from the recent "graphics performance" thread it appears the graphical
performance of everything will remain sluggish forever. The suspend
still seems to cause problems: missing sound, slow resume, GSM missing,

I wont sell my freerunner "because I don't have time to play with it"
just yet - but I knowing what I know today I probably would not buy one

Sorry openmoko inc :(

- Gunnar

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