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Am 05.04.2009 um 21:00 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:

> Hi Lothar, Jörg, Sean, Steve, and all others who are interested in a  
> future GTA03,


> * funding of the project organization (e.g. we can set up a  
> community funds or society or association or however the legal form  
> has to be choosen). Funding levels could start at 5€ per year for  
> students and go upwards for individuals and companies. And special  
> services (e.g. managing the production of 100 customized units)  
> could even provide more funding for the organization.

And indeed we fund with the purchase of our phones. I mostly played  
with the navit package and done some bug reports. It's a hobby and  
thus it would
also move someone to fund in comunity sub projects when there is a way  
of hand on soldering and the like.

Also I played with the CAD files, wrote a script to convert some of  
them, that costs me about 1 day. It is a fund. The idea behind that  
was to make the CAD
files available in more formats and thus propably push private case  

> A word to all those who think Hardware can not be developed by a  
> community should take a look at:
> Building, launching and operating not only 1 but approx. 50  
> satellites in the past 30 years is definitively more complex than  
> building an open smartphone.

Hmm. Then open source projects were not the first movements in the  
spirit of openess :-)

This is a great sample.

Here are some links about mobile equipment resellers:

TFT displays:

USB display

carPC site (german):

A link to books about building car PC's (linked in the carPC site):

This is unrelated but there are always people who build their own :-)


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