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Mon Apr 6 00:28:37 CEST 2009

On 05/04/2009 23:21, Steve Mosher wrote:
>   The voting approach will be discussed. Basically I dont believe in
> letting idiots vote. You dont want me voting on your layout and
> convincing everyone with my superb rhetoric that your 8 layer design
> can be accomplished in 2 layers.. you get my drift. The community will
> have to have SME ( subject matter experts) They will have to have some
> undemocratic powers. my view at least.
Hello Steve

Yes, I think you took the point.
I think, if there will be an open development, I would be better if 
there will be a "meritocracy" vote.
Example: if there is to discuss about "use glamo chip" or not, I think 
is not a good idea to have all the community speaking about the xglamo, 
where 95% of the person speaking neither know the low level implication 
to use a chip in place of another (and it is normal, because not all 
people have this kind of knoledge).
I am one of these idiots.

What according me missed in openmoko was a community. Or better: there 
are a lot of person in OpenMoko community. What we missed was a lead.
What we missed was an official voice from Openmoko. Often I took you 
email as official announcement of OM, as official face.
But you are not a "community manager" but only a "maketing manager".

A community can't be democratic. Big projects as Linux, Ubuntu, Gnome, 
etc. have a community that is formed by person that don't stay all in 
the same level: there are leaders / there are developers / there are 
maintainers. And between them there is a knowledge and respect because 
they worked to get their position.

This bring people to be serious and to work collaborative. Without this 
there are only people telling only: "The GSM module suck / The Wifi 
module suck / All OM suck".

Only with this a collaborative project can born, and to have success. In 
this case FIC have only to put the money when the project will be ready.
And remember that a open project may not be democratic. Usually the best 
one are never democratic.

Someone here a long time wrote here: Ubuntu community was not an casual 
thing. It was by design.
I would like to add: OpenMoko need something like this.

These are my 2 cents.
Michele Renda

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