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Steve Mosher steve at
Mon Apr 6 01:35:42 CEST 2009

  Somewhere on the wiki is a place to log your non -problem.

  I suspect its due to one of two things, joerg and others chime in---

  The buzz is most prnounced at 900mhz. rf infects the lines heading 
into the mixer and you'll see a ripple on the mic lines coming out. This 
manefests itself as a buzz for the listener on the other end.
@1800 the buzz is less pronounced and @1900 you get no buzz( AFAIK)
so, if your cell tower is giving you 1900, no buzz.

The other explanation could be filtering on the landline. wild ass guess.

Somebody with an actuall EE degree can probably explain better or more 

Marcel wrote:
> Just for the records (which possibly already contain this):
> I have a 02A5 (from the second batch which reached Germany) and had no buzz on 
> my two short test calls the last weeks, but they only went from the Neo to a 
> landline phone in the other room if that's relevant.
> --
> Marcel
> Am Monday 06 April 2009 00:57:33 schrieb Steve Mosher:
>>    not shipping with buzz fix yet.
>>    but im slowly pushing forward
>> Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
>>> Am So  5. April 2009 schrieb Gunnar AAstrand Grimnes:
>>>>> 1. The phone selling for 299 on the main site, do es it have the bug
>>>>> fix? or might I still have that problem?
>>>> From Steve recent email about getting the v7 through production I guess
>>>> not.
>>> Steve also mentioned as many as possible on stock A6 getting fixed at
>>> fab. So if I got that right we are shipping with buzzfix right now.
>>> /j

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