Fernando Martins fernando at
Mon Apr 6 19:42:30 CEST 2009

Steve Mosher wrote:
> Thanks Anthony.
> For the sake of everyone who hasnt read my posts on this
> or seen the video of seans speech. Let me say that your position
> is the one we settled on. spend our resources on the FR and then
> fund a modest project: project B. Put the GTA03 on hold
> and find a way to involve the community more in its development.
I'm not a marketing guy, but I am somewhat surprised not to see more 
references about this aspect. There is talk about products and about 
methods. All that discussion on hardware development made it clear that 
OM needs to increase market or gain share to achieve economies of scale. 
I can understand that market aspects might not come to the front, but 
maybe the community could also help here.

 From another post I understand that you are also going to niche markets 
that need custom/open phones, which looks like a sensible approach. But 
could the GTA02 be made interesting to the general public to be sold 
together with a telecom subscription? if not, is there a GTA02+ that 
could do it?

I have the impression that people are already using the phones in many 
different ways. Some do it in obvious ways for them which might not be 
so obvious to the majority. How about collecting these use cases and see 
how you can grow the current specific FR market from here, or gain 
market share from the general phone market.


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