Intone (0.20 - alpha release) Elementary based mplayer frontend

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Mon Apr 6 20:03:35 CEST 2009

c_c wrote:
> Hi,
>   Well, it took a lot longer than I thought - but finally  - here's the alpha release of Intone - a mplayer frontend (for audio files - as of now) in C. Uses about 2% CPU (max) while running - memory goes up depending on your playlist - on my phone (~2500 songs) it uses about 15%.
>   All you need to do is download the attached ipk and install it. Intone depends on sqlite3 and libelementary. If you have elementary on your phone upgraded to a level where the elementary test application shows you a demo of sliders and genlists, Intone should run on your phone.
>   The recommended way to organise music is to put all the files in a folder (lets say Music), with sub folders named after artists (say Music ->Eagles) and with sub sub folders holding albums (that becomes Music->Eagles->Hell Freezes Over->*.mp3). That way, Intone can correctly organise your music collection into albums. It automatically creates a default playlist containing all songs and individual playlists for each album. I have added features to manage playlists and albums - but there is always scope for improvement.
>   Intone uses a sqlite database as a backend for the playlists and albums. That should, hopefully, give flexibility in adding more features later.

Very nice, as I already said :P

> 1. Feedback. - I haven't been able to add dialogs yet. So - wait a little while for Intone to finish long operations (like adding your music collection for the first time - my 2500 odd songs took about 6 secs - the button remains pressed too)

I'd suggest you to use as many ecore_* function as you can to use the e
loop without freezing your app.

> 2. Artwork - Ideas / png's / whatever
I'd add just a "tango note" and a "tango folder with note" for the songs
and the albums without a specific cover. Use that instead.

> 3. Elementary help. I have a lot of questions. Here are a few :-
>     a) How do I reduce the vert height of 1 entry in the genlist? Right now each line in the list is too high (almost 3 text lines high) - so I get only about 4 song names on the screen. Can I reduce the height to say 1.5 text line - 2 text line?

This generally is done automatically based on the elementary finger size
and on the scale factor. But I've seen that it can change also if the
icon used is quite big. However I didn't see that running intone in my
PC (using illume BTW).

>     b) How do I use the pager with a genlist? In my case the pager works - but it doesn't show the genlist - the buttons all show up though.

Give a look to my eTube code in It has an
implementation for it (BTW it works only in Illume WM, not in my
standard system due to the fact that the window collapse without
considering the preset evas size at all!)

>     c) Dialogs and progress bars. I know elementary doesn't have them - but can I make/have a simple ty solution for the time being?

Dialog-like windows examples are in the Elementary wiki, maybe you could
use them. Anyway I think that using an inwin is a good idea.

About the progress bar, I really think that Elementary needs a widget to
write them easily (I figure that they can do using a edj theme).


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