auimd-0.2, a user interface for mobile devices (and especially the FreeRunner !)

Pierre Hébert pierrox at
Mon Apr 6 21:06:55 CEST 2009

Hello List !

I am pleased to announce the availability of AUIMD version 0.2. 
In short AUIMD is a user interface targeted at mobile devices, written 
with PyQt4. Auimd is both a sort of fullscreen X11 window manager, and a 
small "framework" suitable for rapid and easy build of new python/Qt4 
AUIMD works best on the FreeRunner and relies on FSO for telephony and 
other services, but it can also be used on other devices with VGA/QVGA 
This second release includes a minimal phone application, enough to send 
and receive calls, but no more. Use it with extreme care as it has been 
tested with only one setup !

AUIMD is mainly a monolithic application : the idea is to keep resources 
as low as possible and reduce applications startup time, while still 
providing error management and dynamic application reloading thanks to 
python mechanism.

The simplest way to run AUIMD is probably to use Debian, as apt-get will 
easily fetch dependencies (see README for more), but it is also possible 
to use OE to build PyQt4 and other needed packages such as python-dbus 
(not tried it myself).

Some more infos here :
And some screenshots here :

AUIMD started a long time ago as a proof of concept, stagnate for months, 
and got some revival a few weeks ago. It may or may not go really 
further, but anyway all feedbacks and contributions are welcome :-)



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