auimd-0.2, a user interface for mobile devices (and especially the FreeRunner !)

Guillaume Chereau charlie137 at
Mon Apr 6 21:22:05 CEST 2009

Hello Pierre,

Ha ! I just rear your announcement after I sent mine for a very
similar project :O

I am going to have a look at AUIMD for sure tomorrow (it is late here in taiwan)
I like the idea of using your application as a simple x window manager
to start other application embedded into it !

Nice screen shots, it looks very promising !

2009/4/7 Pierre Hébert <pierrox at>:
> Hello List !
> I am pleased to announce the availability of AUIMD version 0.2.
> In short AUIMD is a user interface targeted at mobile devices, written
> with PyQt4. Auimd is both a sort of fullscreen X11 window manager, and a
> small "framework" suitable for rapid and easy build of new python/Qt4
> applications.
> AUIMD works best on the FreeRunner and relies on FSO for telephony and
> other services, but it can also be used on other devices with VGA/QVGA
> screens.
> This second release includes a minimal phone application, enough to send
> and receive calls, but no more. Use it with extreme care as it has been
> tested with only one setup !
> AUIMD is mainly a monolithic application : the idea is to keep resources
> as low as possible and reduce applications startup time, while still
> providing error management and dynamic application reloading thanks to
> python mechanism.
> The simplest way to run AUIMD is probably to use Debian, as apt-get will
> easily fetch dependencies (see README for more), but it is also possible
> to use OE to build PyQt4 and other needed packages such as python-dbus
> (not tried it myself).
> Some more infos here :
> And some screenshots here :
> AUIMD started a long time ago as a proof of concept, stagnate for months,
> and got some revival a few weeks ago. It may or may not go really
> further, but anyway all feedbacks and contributions are welcome :-)
> Cheers,
> Pierre.
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