Michael Tansella michael-tansella at
Tue Apr 7 09:01:21 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 07 April 2009 00:24:34 Steve Mosher wrote:
> production is not stopping. Sean said explicitly in his Bern address
> that there is ample inventory and I'll add that the production
> continues. In fact, one of the consequences of suspending GTA03 is that
> we can focus
> on two things ( FreeRunner and Project B) as opposed to three things.
> Let's get this straight. FreeRunner is Open. There is no EOL. Not like
> a closed product where software support ends. As long as parts remain
> available ( as far as I can see at least through the balance of 2009)
> as long as demand remains, we will produce and support the FreeRunner.
> That's the whole blessed point of delaying the GTA03.

I think the press didn't understand the intention of Sean Moss-Pultz at Open 
Expo. If I google openmoko I met many wrong topics:

The pages are in german but the messages are:
Openmoko stops development of free smartphones.
Linux smartphone openmoko failed
Project Freerunner will not be continued

on (03.04.2009) they even say: 
"after Neo 1973 there will be no more Openmoko smartphone", they even claim to 
know Plan B is a navigation system,39038986,41002613,00/aus+fuer+linux_handy+openmoko.htm

It's really annoying to read this. But I am happy to see that where it was 
possible the community has commented  the articles. Anyway it doesn't put a 
good light on Openmoko. 


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