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Tue Apr 7 09:10:22 CEST 2009

If it bleeds, it leeds.

I'll alert PR to these publications and we will get the story right.

Until then the community should just pound on them. An Army of Davids.
Comment, link to seans video, link to my Video.


Michael Tansella wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 April 2009 00:24:34 Steve Mosher wrote:
>> production is not stopping. Sean said explicitly in his Bern address
>> that there is ample inventory and I'll add that the production
>> continues. In fact, one of the consequences of suspending GTA03 is that
>> we can focus
>> on two things ( FreeRunner and Project B) as opposed to three things.
>> Let's get this straight. FreeRunner is Open. There is no EOL. Not like
>> a closed product where software support ends. As long as parts remain
>> available ( as far as I can see at least through the balance of 2009)
>> as long as demand remains, we will produce and support the FreeRunner.
>> That's the whole blessed point of delaying the GTA03.
> I think the press didn't understand the intention of Sean Moss-Pultz at Open 
> Expo. If I google openmoko I met many wrong topics:
> The pages are in german but the messages are:
> Openmoko stops development of free smartphones.
> Linux smartphone openmoko failed
> Project Freerunner will not be continued
> on (03.04.2009) they even say: 
> "after Neo 1973 there will be no more Openmoko smartphone", they even claim to 
> know Plan B is a navigation system
> It's really annoying to read this. But I am happy to see that where it was 
> possible the community has commented  the articles. Anyway it doesn't put a 
> good light on Openmoko. 
> Michael
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