Fernando Martins fernando at
Tue Apr 7 09:28:25 CEST 2009

Steve Mosher wrote:
> And you are right the community can help:
>  1. get code upstream. That decreases our cost to maintain.
>  2. Stay involved or get involved, either by coding, testing, or
>     spreading the word.
>  you get the idea.
My biggest itch was the frustration of getting a phone which, at that 
time, was not yet, say, a smooth phone, and still today has some rough 
edges, depending on distribution of course. I think this common 
experience is now acknowledged as what is hurting more the FR (leading 
to the slashdot post, but I'm also sure it can succeed and your recent 
posts are very convincing to me).

Although I'm a programmer (C, Python), right now I can only spare a few 
hours a week which makes it difficult for me to be effective. Any 
suggestion how to best put my small resources at use? How much 
investment would it be needed to work on phone specific functions? I 
know this is the bazaar, but I miss a bit the cathedral to be more 
focused and effective. A todo list, who's doing what, change logs,... 
What's the status of FSO?? Maybe I have to explore better but there is a 
lot of info how there, spread all over, and too often not up to date. 
Working on documentation is also fine for me, but what is the most 
needed to choose from?


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