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> -[ Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 11:58:33AM +0200, arne anka ]----
> > > Openmoko stopps development of free mobile phones
> > >
> > > In my opinion it suggerates the wrong message.
> > 
> > so?
> > phone development means gta03 -- and that indeed stopped.
> The project is _delayed_, and openmoko still want to build new phones in the
> future, and most importantly do not give up building open devices (go for the
> open hair dryer! :-)).
> When Nokia annouces that the n810 is discontinued and will have no more
> support in the future, nobody gives a damn. Why ?

because nokia make dozens of phones and are not stopping ALL of them. when a
company stops its entire development of new products in a product line... in
fact its ONLY product that is publically known (development meaning the next
improved version) it does make new. it matters. it is the same as is nokia
stopped making ALL phones and decided to start making shoes instead. that'd make
news!. :) these things  create a life of their own - if they are correct or
not. the media interprets it in the way to make it as sensational as possible.
sensation sells to readers. readers mean ads ... and ads are revenue. if half
the worlds news was reported realistically in proportion.. you would have a
pretty boring media. :)

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