rixed at rixed at
Tue Apr 7 14:34:44 CEST 2009

> > When Nokia annouces that the n810 is discontinued and will have no more
> > support in the future, nobody gives a damn. Why ?
> because nokia make dozens of phones and are not stopping ALL of them. when a
> company stops its entire development of new products in a product line...

Yes. But as a user, I would be more saddened if Sean had annouced that gta03
was just around the corner and would be so different from the previous products
that all support for those would be discontinued.

I may sound old, but I think that the FR hardware (as well as the n810
hardware for that matter) is more than enough, and the inovation must now comes
from the software part. The phone downsides are not in the hardware, so let's
settle here and improve the software.

Make a useable phone with inovative apps is what is needed to get new
customers, not a fancy 3d chip nor a better screen or camera or whatever. For
the hardware is already way much better than the software, IMHO.

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