Eildert Groeneveld eildert.groeneveld at
Tue Apr 7 14:53:45 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 07 April 2009, rixed at wrote:
> I may sound old, but I think that the FR hardware (as well as the n810
> hardware for that matter) is more than enough, and the inovation must now comes
> from the software part. The phone downsides are not in the hardware, so let's
> settle here and improve the software.
> Make a useable phone with inovative apps is what is needed to get new
> customers, not a fancy 3d chip nor a better screen or camera or whatever. For
> the hardware is already way much better than the software, IMHO.
sadly enough, that is indeed the situation. What would OM do with new hardware?
Another piece with great promise and no delivery. If we look at what has happened
since the release of the FR about a year ago, we have to acknowlegde that not 
much has improved as far as usability of the phone goes. Right, there are plenty of
new distros but not one that is solid as far as the use as phone goes.
Basically the same applies to applications.
Improvements do not come regularly as they come for instance in current
betas elsewhere (like ubuntu), where things get fixed in the distr and not as 
workarounds. I know OM is not ubuntu or debian. But here things are not going
well with little indication that the situation may improve.

But then: it saves on the phone bill...

end of rant

greetings nonetheless


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