Transparent keyboard in illume

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Tue Apr 7 16:26:06 CEST 2009

Hi Richard

I just run opkg update && opkg upgrade, which installed the new qwo

I tested it. My feedback :
* you changed the yellow "shapes". Could you tell us why ? By the way, they
seem to be drawn with the mouse (not regular). Is it art ? (joking, light
* I can only write numbers with this version. the move from the center to
one zone and back to the center do not work anymore (as more complex ones).
Instead theses moves write numbers. Am I the only one with this bug ?


2009/4/7 Richard Kralovic <riso at>

> Hello,
> > When patch will be more flexible, I will add it to SHR (patch for
> > compositing with Xglamo is already in SHR for some time)
> Ok, so it should be a bit more flexible now. A new version (see updated
> does not break the
> builtin keyboard any more. Basicaly illume with this patch distinguish
> between applications with name "Keyboard" and "TransparentKeyboard", the
> latter one is handled differently.
> In default configuration, this patch should have no effect. You need a
> newly patched qwo to use it, though.
> Greets
>         Richard
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