Steve Mosher steve at
Tue Apr 7 20:14:18 CEST 2009

Fernando Martins wrote:
> Steve Mosher wrote:
>> And you are right the community can help:
>>  1. get code upstream. That decreases our cost to maintain.
>>  2. Stay involved or get involved, either by coding, testing, or
>>     spreading the word.
>>  you get the idea.
> My biggest itch was the frustration of getting a phone which, at that 
> time, was not yet, say, a smooth phone, and still today has some rough 
> edges, depending on distribution of course. I think this common 
> experience is now acknowledged as what is hurting more the FR (leading 
> to the slashdot post, but I'm also sure it can succeed and your recent 
> posts are very convincing to me)
> Although I'm a programmer (C, Python), right now I can only spare a few 
> hours a week which makes it difficult for me to be effective. Any 
> suggestion how to best put my small resources at use? How much 
> investment would it be needed to work on phone specific functions? I 
> know this is the bazaar, but I miss a bit the cathedral to be more 
> focused and effective. A todo list, who's doing what, change logs,... 
> What's the status of FSO?? Maybe I have to explore better but there is a 
> lot of info how there, spread all over, and too often not up to date. 
> Working on documentation is also fine for me, but what is the most 
> needed to choose from?
  What I would do is get in contact with the folks working on a specific 
distribution ( SHR for example) or specific piece of infrastructure
Paroli, tichey,FSO, kernel and ask them these questions. The lack of a 
"todo" list and the lack of focused development has also been a 
frustration for me. It means development happens like an untended garden
grows. But look what grew that we never imagined.
> Fernando

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