ReMoko on SHR - python error

noo nan.oo at
Wed Apr 8 00:47:34 CEST 2009

>Do you mean changing:
>from remoko.remoko_server import *
>remoko_server import *
>in /usr/bin/remoko?
Yes, you're right.
But the PYTHONPATH-environment variable must be set to 
The directory-variables in the python-code aim to /usr/share/remoko/data/ 
instead of /usr/share/remoko. So you have to copy the files in this directory, 
or fit the code to /usr/share/remoko (see
Now it should "run", but I think it's not working. There are still some errors 
with dbus (I think they come with bluez)
error in proxy
ERROR: isRunning d-bus call not present
Error in d-bus system

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