Upadated - Intone (0.21 - alpha release) Elementary based mplayer frontend

Łukasz Pankowski lukpank at o2.pl
Wed Apr 8 07:26:04 CEST 2009

c_c <cchandel at yahoo.com> writes:

> Hi,
> 1. Please consider moving /home/root/.intone/art to /usr/share/intone,
> it is quite strange to install files in to user directory.
> Sorry for that one. I was doing that so I could test on my laptop (and
> forgot that the release was last generated on my PC). Will release a
> fix today.
> 2. Same for /home/root/.intone/intone_songs.db, after upgrading to
> 0.21 my previous db was overwritten.

> Actually, your old db should be there in /usr/share/intone. I changed
> the location of this file in this release. Don't you think a file that
> gets changed frequently should be in the users home directory?

"Same" was referring to "it is quite strange to install files in to user
directory", but it could mislead to refer to "consider moving" which I
did not intended to propose here. For sure it is the best place to have
users files in ~/.intone, but /home/root/.intone/intone_songs.db was one
of the files in the package (as shown by "opkg files intone") so the
songs db was overwritten on the install with the one from the package. I
had to delete it and start with the empty one.

/usr/share/intone is now empty, but I have all sound files in single
directory, so it took less of my time to recreate the db than to write
this sentence :).

By the way when adding files it would be nice to have (if not a progress
bar) a message of the form "Adding directory %s, %d files scanned" (or
similar) updated every second (or may be twice a second), so the user
knows something is going on and the program is not frozen.

> 3 .....if intone after restart remembered position in the file so
> after hitting play it will continue playing where I have paused it in
> previous run.
> Well, I have catered for remembering the last file that was playing -
> but not impemented it yet. Will add remembering the pause position
> too. Should be done today.


>   I have added a few icons - and the CPU usage has gone up to about
>   2.5%. Using a smaller play list (instead of the default 0 All Songs)
>   reduces CPU usage to ~ 1.5%. Just thought I'll share this too.
> @ Treviño - Well, I don't have OM 2008 to test this on - but that is
> strange. Can you confirm the newer version also does this? I guess
> I'll have to download OM2008 now!

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