Fernando Martins fernando at
Wed Apr 8 08:39:51 CEST 2009

Steve Mosher wrote:
> Like I said, if it bleeds, it leeds.
> When you have a major announcement such as seans you have two options:
> 1. Try to control the press response beforehand. Brief the press 
> beforehand, do a press release, release an official statement on the
> same day as the event. A controlled blast.
> 2. Drop that bombshell,  some of the press will get it wrong, and then
> use that opportunity.
I gave IT support for many years to a PR department for a big local 
government and I learned it's hard anyway to control what the press 
publishes - sensational always sells and when "reporters" listen, a) 
they already have a bias towards sensational, b) they know they have to 
read between the lines anyway and guess the dirty hidden secret. It's 
amazing how often they guess the truth when being told a lie and how 
often they get it wrong when being told the truth. Since most times they 
are told the truth, they get it wrong too often. So, I don't believe 
there is a guarantee that your option 1 would work better anyway.

Bad publicity is always good publicity, if you (can) act on it properly.


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