The future of the Neo Freerunner

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2009/4/8 Daniel Willmann <daniel at>

> On Sat, 4 Apr 2009 12:57:30 +0200
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> > And what's about Openmoko new software stack roadmap?
> > If it will not fund FSO, those developers may decide to stay a bit
> > relaxed.
> Let me assure you I'm not even close to anything resembling relaxed. :-)

I'm very happy in reading this! FSO actually is the only real thingh that
lets survive the idea of open phones. With a rock solid framework taking
care of all the underlying dirty work, writing some GUI interfaces is only a
matter of time and may be done by community.
About hardware, to have an usable phone we need a well supported hardware
with a good kernel and good chip's firmwares (e.g. gsm).
In my experience was that the problem with the freerunner, in one year I
spent huge time on the device and encountered a lot of problems, sd card
partition table corruption, problems with suspend/resume, WSOD, NSOD, glamo
mci spare problems, gsm hopping, my vodafone card was not recognized before
the latest gsm firmware updates, and many others that did not let me use the
freerunner as a daily phone.
That's the reason I really HOPE that OM will continue at least in kernel and
low-level firmware developing, after all a stable Freerunner may be not so
bad, and may be selled for a long time, funding OM and growing the
community, and this is very important!

Thanks for your effort!

Best Regards

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