Watching videos on neo freerunner (openmoko 2008.12) mplayer-glamo

Lothar Behrens lothar.behrens at
Wed Apr 8 13:40:23 CEST 2009

This is really good news!

I have measured about 70% to 80% with mplayer.

Hey and when you use vdr ( 
) and a plugin to transcode it for small screens, you could watch tv  

I have tried that and it works very well. Now I have made a small  
video, recording the Neo and in paralell my Mac with sound.
Indeed my sound on the neo is routed to my Jabra 3030 BT device, so it  
is a nice TV for looking in bed, before giong to sleep.

What about the law to publish the video?

How small should it be - 1 minute?

It's german news from today at about 13:15 from ZDF.

We could do such stuff - right and legal to demonstrate the features  
and try to bring such presentations to the press.
As I read an article, most companies would be likely show only the  
positive things in their advertisement and wrap the
not so good features with long technical specifications. This is a  
marketing trick.

Here, the heise publisher reports about the tricks:
I don't know, if this article is also published in english.

So keep on going to produce 'good' press materal and find sponsors to  
publish them!

Or even simply keep staying legal with the content.

What do you think?

The video that is recorded is about 1GB. I can try to work on it, but  
I need some ideas about the length the TV recordings must be at maximum.


Am 08.04.2009 um 11:50 schrieb Leonti Bielski:

> Denis, thanks a lot!
> I've put your config file on wiki.
> Now I can play video from memory card using only 15% of CPU!
> Leonti
> On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 11:50 PM, Denis Shulyaka <shulyaka at>  
> wrote:
>> 2009/4/8 Ivan Shirokov <ivanshirokoff at>:
>>> Does it work for FSO? Somehow it hangs up my FR. And there's  
>>> something like
>>> "Your system is too slow" in the console =(
>> Actually, the mplayer build that is suggested in the wiki uses mp3lib
>> for decoding mp3 audio tracks by default. I suggest you adding
>> afm=ffmpeg line to ~/.mplayer/config file to force using ffmpeg's
>> internal mp3 decoder, or use a build without mp3lib support. It
>> appears to be more than 3 times faster on my FR!
>> Here is my ~/.mplayer/config file:
>> vo=xover:glamo,x11
>> display=:0
>> afm=ffmpeg
>> fs=1
>> quiet=1
>> osdlevel=0
>> noautosub=1
>> stop-xscreensaver=1
>> Hope it helps.
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