graphical nethack for freerunner (alpha version released)

giacomo "giotti" mariani giacomomariani at
Wed Apr 8 16:41:25 CEST 2009

>>> Warnign: Not yet playable!
>> Thanks for images. This will be my first target when I have time to
>> implement it. (If somebody want code this ready, please just do it)
>> A) If there are full keyboard in visible, do we need menus at all?
Menus are usefull for inventory, help file and so on.
>> B) How this menu is accessible?
Via the keyboard, for example:
#->extended commands like pray or engrave
>> C) In this tilesize, there are ~15x20 grid in visible. (this is not
>> question, just mentioned it)
It an approximate dimension, but we can use the zoom buttons on the
left-down corner to change it (and text with in the dialog box)
>> D) How about pop-up windows (inventory etc.)? Just fullscreen list?
They must fit the right way...full screen may be a good solution.
>> E) I planned if that keyboard can be changed to corresponding
>> command-icons, but there are couple times, when player needs full
>> keyboard (naming objects, calling monsters, playing instruments, when
>> asked name/wishes/genociding). ?So is there reason to have icons when
>> playing and keyboard when needed? (It might be technically handled
>> someway)
It can be usefully and we can use the standard keyboard to type long
words as stated by Yorick:

> why do you need that full kb? wouldn't menu's be more finger friendly
> and faster? use the kb space for "most used actions" or something similar
I thought to put that keybord on screen because we need at list directional keys and some other one so the occupatet space looked me the same, but I've not tryed it.

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