Tichy now hosted on google code + release 1.0.0

Guillaume Chereau charlie137 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 21:19:31 CEST 2009

On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 12:00 AM, Leonti Bielski <prishelec at gmail.com> wrote:
> So after using it for a while I can say that I'm impressed.
> When I first saw tichy on FSO distribution it was slow and I thought
> nothing would come out of it.
> Thanks for proving me wrong!
> I like it's distribution independent approach - It has it's own
> keyboard and graphical toolkit - must be a lot of work!
> The only thing is that while in fullscreen mode you can run nothing
> except for tichy.  I didn't find a way to switch between full screen
> mode and normal one.
> Also, can you add easier case change for the keyboard? Ruight now if I
> wan to write uppercase I have to go through all keyboard to get back
> to small letters.
> But in overall I like it, and I see that it has made a lot of progress.

Thanks ! you just encouraged me to work on the next release of tichy.
Starting other applications from tichy is indeed a problem, but there
is an experimental applet -contribution from Michael "Goodwill"-  that
allow to do that. I want to improve this for the next release.

There is currently no way to switch between fullscreen and normal
mode, I will try to implement this, shouldn't be a problem.

The keyboard needs a lot of work too, it is still too slow (I have
some idea why), and as you say, not very good for switching modes.

btw : for some reason, tichy is faster on debian. I think this is
because the ipkg I did didn't compile the C file with optimisation on.
I will also try to solve this.

All in all, that would roughly be my TODO list for next release :
* Redo the Service system (it is too slow and complicated right now.)
* Improve the user interface code (too slow as well, and a little bit messy.)
* Add a GTK backend (that is working already, I just need to make it
easy to configure)
* If possible, improve the keyboard.
* Being able to start external applications.
* Start to work on tests suits, using py.test [0] module.

As I said, I can't really predict how much time I will have to work on
it, so I prefer not to give any date for the next release.

Thanks again for your inputs !


[0] http://codespeak.net/py/dist/test.html

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