libevas Hebrew, Arabic and General RTL support (illume)

Tom tom at
Thu Apr 9 15:41:37 CEST 2009


Just wanted you all to know that starting from today, there's is partial
Hebrew and Arabic, and full right to left support in SHR.
Ainulindale was kind enough to add a patch I sent him for libevas to the SHR
repos, so starting from the next image,
this will be "built-in". (Of course also available as packages).
As for e in general, well the patch has been sent to raster, which will
apply it to e when he can.

What's there:
* Full RTL support, RTL renders correctly and not in reverse like it used
* Arabic letters are now changed according to context (I tried my best, and
gfather said it's fine, though since I don't know Arabic, I didn't do proper
* Hebrew nikkud and Arabic vowels work as well.

What's missing:
* Selection of doesn't work on text that includes RTL.
* Cursor position is off with text that includes RTL.
* No arabic keyboard available (gfather is working on that one).

Now it's time for you to start nationalizing applications and SHR/FSO/Any
other distro that uses illume.

Tom. (TAsn)
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