latest and greatest, progress mail 5 (stable 2.6.28 usage)

Petr Vanek vanous at
Sat Apr 11 01:42:02 CEST 2009

>> see my mail and my install script ... bluez4 doesn't work with
>> qtextended (not for me anyway), so in my script I downgrade to
>> bluez3, and fix the poweron script at the same time. But again, see
>> my mail:
>> "
>> - bluetooth is not working totally ok, only after initial boot it
>>   works, not after suspend/resume. Seems to be kernel/bluez3 version
>>   combo issue ...
>> "
>To be more clear, my "install" script fixes the following issues:
>- correct init script for QtE
>- fix /etc/asound.conf for voicenotes (the scenarios are ok in the code
>  now)
>- disable avahi (if it is present)
>- fix the "wireless always online after unsuspend" issue (new fix)
>- remove frameworkd (if present)
>- remove bluez4 and install bluez3
>- correct bluetooth poweron/off script (although it doesn't really
>- install atd for alarming
>I've edited the comments in the script a bit, you can execute each step
>by hand if wanted.

i didn't want to spend time to elaborate on this so i downloaded
fso- ms5.1 image instead of om- based image and bt runs ok now. first i
tried in raw fso before installing qte 
thank you for your time anyways...
Petr Vaněk

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