Intone lockup

c_c cchandel at
Sat Apr 11 05:48:31 CEST 2009

  Can you tell me which version of itnone you're using and your roots ?

  There was a (rarely) occurring bug in release 0.22 - that caused lockups at the end of playing a song. Basically, say a song is 100.2 secs long. It becomes 100 (integer) secs in intone. After 100 secs, intone waits for mplayer to tell it the seek position at 101 secs. But mplayer has stopped playing the song at 101secs. So, the lockup. You'll have to 'killall mplayer' also after 'kill -9 <pid of intone>' to get audio out.

  Intone needed little convincing to get mplayer to play ogg files. Just the realisation that .oga is the newer name ;-D 

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