arne anka openmoko at
Sat Apr 11 19:34:04 CEST 2009

>> phone development means gta03 -- and that indeed stopped.
> it wrong, surely a lot of other people will get it wrong too. No, phone
> development doesn't mean GTA03. Openmoko can release a device which is  
> not a successor to the GTA02.

i never said, it has to be a successor to gta02.
the only other phone in the pipeline had the name gta03 and its  
development has stopped. period.

>> gta02 does not see any development, just support and fixes.
>    I'm sure not everybody agrees with you that bug fixes or improvements  
> to existing features is not development. Perhaps you could clarify what  
> you
> think counts as development to an already released product (GTA02).

this is merely hairsplitting (and, no offense, just because you think i am  
wrong does not mean you are right), but here goes:
one or more of the following

- newer/better hardware
- improved functionality (f ex wrt standby time, power consumption)
- different device

i am sure, we can spend days on end with attempts to find a definition of  
development that everybody agrees to, but what purpose would it serve?
i said it how i see it and so far no information has convinced me that i  
am wrong here.

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