Re:(qtmoko) Nothing?

radek polak psonek2 at
Sat Apr 11 21:13:26 CEST 2009

Paul wrote:

> Maybe I am taking things too simple: I got the jffs and the bin file 
> from the download page, and flashed these to my freerunner using Neotool.
> Booting the new distro does not seem to do anything however. I see a 
> black screen on the FR, with some backlight. At this moment it is there 
> for 5 minutes already. The way to stop that, I am sure, is to take out 
> the battery.
> Do I miss some magic in order to make it work? I am very curious to see 
> what you have made!

Hi Paul,
if you are using uboot it can be that the kernel is too big. It's my plan to
make smaller kernel. Right now you can use Qi to boot it or alter uboot
environment to suport kernels > 2MB - it's explained e.g. here:

Hope this helps


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