(qtmoko) Nothing?

Paul paul at nlpagan.net
Sat Apr 11 21:29:29 CEST 2009

Hello Radek,

> if you are using uboot it can be that the kernel is too big. It's my plan to
> make smaller kernel. Right now you can use Qi to boot it or alter uboot
> environment to suport kernels > 2MB - it's explained e.g. here:

I think I got it to life, using Qi.

Only little problem now is: when I tap the phone dialer icon (far left), 
the system crashes with "Application layer service unexpectedly 
terminated", and it drops out of graphics mode.


Many individuals have, like uncut diamonds,
shining qualities beneath a rough exterior.
-Juvenal (poet c. 60-140)

MHC - Mandriva 2009.0, Ubuntu 8.10, EasyPeasy 1.1rc2
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