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> Hi,
>   Thanks for the detailed reply. I kind of pretty much agree with
> most of what you've written.
> If Intone crashes or is killed however, the auto-suspending option
> will remain off, even if that wasn't intended. 
>   Actually, it does release the suspend bit if the app crashes. You
> prevent suspend and your request is valid till the app runs. On exit
> the request is released automatically - or at least that's what I've
> understood. I might be wrong though.
That's how it should work but I'm not certain that kind of thing is
implemented now. I got the impression that apps simply use the
framework to change the auto-suspend preferences at the start and
closure of an app. I might be mistaken. If you find a way for it to
work, let me know. I'd be interested in it myself as well.

> The player should be there to play songs, not fool around on the
> Internet : ).
>  I subscribe to the unix idea of 'one tool for one thing' too. But
> its easy to want to do everything too! So, I'll make this downloading
> album art from the internet a script - that should be easier to
> maintain too. Same for lyrics I guess. Only, while the lyrics thing
> is relatively easy to to (with lyrics wiki for eg) I'm kind of stuck
> on how to go about doing the album art thingy.
Sound good.
> Actually I hate when apps start fooling around with my input controls.
> Ha! But I do like the idea of having some control without taking the
> player out of my pocket. Maybe using the button on the headphones is
> a better idea? What do you think?
Yeah, the headphone button would be good. I also have the idea of
making a daemon called pocketd that would register a few simple tap
rythms with the accelerometers and output them using dbus signals. That
kind of thing could work well here : ).

> ---snip---

> .....someone can optimize video playing enough to make it really
> feasable on the Freerunner.
>  I haven't tried playing videos because it seems like a painful thing
> to do. So - a GUI will definitely help pushing for a better player /
> method. Since Intone is essentially a mplayer frontend - I think it
> shouldn't be too difficult to modify it to start playing videos. I'll
> do this as soon as I can sort out the few remaining bugs in Intone.
I think Intone should keep you busy a bit longer then you think : P.
There's lot to polish.

> I think the first priority should be bug fixing and integrating to
> the framework via DBus.
> I agree. I could do with a little help too. :-D
I can help pinpointing the problems but I'm too damn lazy to do the
coding myself : D.

> What I wouldn't mind would be compiling the artists, albums and songs
> using corresponding tags on both mp3-s and ogg-s instead of just
> directory structure.
> That's been on my mind too - but I wasn't sure of all the libraries I
> would need to cater for reading tags from all the different types of
> files out there. I can commence with mp3's (using id3lib). Can anyone
> point out other libraries with this functionality for ogg's and m4a's
> which are also in the repositories?
Yes, id3lib for mp3. Vorbis comments seem to be parseable without a
library or perhaps libvorbis provides calls for that. As for m4a, does
anyone use that for their music? I don't think there's reason to worry
about that : ).
> No more ideas for now. I'll try to investigate that database bug and
> recreate it. I'll let you know if I manage to find out how it happens
> or if I have any other ideas.
> Thanks for expressing your views. That db bug is another mysterious
> one and I hope it gets resolved soon.
Yeah, I did some testing and found quite a lot of unexpected behaviour.
I'll compile it all into an e-mail and send it separately.


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