arne anka openmoko at
Sun Apr 12 17:04:08 CEST 2009

>> development has stopped. period.
>    The misrepresentation - which you seem to think is not a
> misrepresentation - in the news coverage is that they're saying  
> development
> of open phones at OM has been cancelled, while all that's been decided  
> is to
> cancel the GTA03, not development of more open phones.

since, at least to my information, the gta03 was the only phone being  
developped, halting devel of gta03 meant halting all phone devlopment.
and i tried to avoid the use of "cancel", since to me it has some finite  
touch about it, while "stop" means, it can start again.

according to steve mosher's mail there's ongoing work, development if you  
will, to kind of fork from the gta02 -- i can't recall having heard of  
_serious_ plans to do so before.

after all, i think this thread is rather more noise in the list and for  
most people subscribed rather annoying (listing the different links to  
news articles and fretting over more or less wrong interpretations in the  
news has been so from the start).
so, unless something really important comes up, i think, we can stop here,  
eh, cancel ;-)

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