Intone - the future and help needed

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Sun Apr 12 18:13:05 CEST 2009


 If you find a way for it to work, let me know. I'd be interested in it myself as well.

  Try reading this

 I also have the idea of making a daemon called pocketd that would register a few simple tap rythms with the accelerometers and output them using dbus signals. That kind of thing could work well here : )

That'd be really interesting and useful. You should go ahead and make it.

I think Intone should keep you busy a bit longer then you think : P. There's lot to polish.

There always is ;-). 

I can help pinpointing the problems but I'm too damn lazy to do the coding myself : D.

That'd be good too.

Yes, id3lib for mp3. Vorbis comments seem to be parseable without a library or perhaps libvorbis provides calls for that. As for m4a, does anyone use that for their music? I don't think there's reason to worry
about that : ).

Ha ! Ok. Lets see how that goes.

Yeah, I did some testing and found quite a lot of unexpected behaviour. I'll compile it all into an e-mail and send it separately.

Please do. I can see things that need doing - but it's always nice to have a second opinion.

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