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Mon Apr 13 01:38:56 CEST 2009

arne anka wrote:
>>> development has stopped. period.
>>     There other phones "in the   pipeline"
>>     Three variants of GTA02, 2 entirely new concepts aimed at
>>     different target markets.  Not smart phones, but phones nontheless.
> the first time i hear that.
> even the statements quotes so excessively mentioned only a plan b, being  
> _not_ a phone.
> if my definition od development doesn't fit your's - not my problem (and  
> no, i wasn't speaking of software development).

If your definition of development doesnt match mine then
we are not even communicating. If I dont know your definition then you 
can change it sentence to sentence. Ever read alice in wonderland?

Since I have a clear picture of "in development" and since I am 
interested in communication rather than gainsaying, I'll explain.

The development process goes through these stages:

  1. Concept
  2. Pilot study, prototype
  3. Business plan review
  4. Engineering review.
  5. Project kick off.
  6. product delivery.

If we were stopping phone development we would stop all activity in 1-6.

  Two products-- FR and B-- are in stages 5 & 6. Given the state of FR 
software I dont consider it to be "finished" yet.

WRT to the other phones in development All have passed stage 1. 4 have 
passed stage 2 and are in stages 3 and 4.

Perhaps I can make it this simple. We have on staff a top notch 
Industrial designer. he is paid to do designs. Concepts, sketches,
3D renderings, and physical models. It is a critical function to
product development. And it's not cheap. If we stopped phone development 
we would tell him to stop all design work on new phones. We haven't. In 
fact, I just held his latest design in my hand 2 weeks ago and now we 
will proceed to carry out steps 3 and 4. There is no PROMISE it will 
make it to step 5. my business review could KILL IT. engineering review 
could Kill it. If we were stopping development I wouldnt even DO the 
business review.

Now, you didnt know about this stuff. But you defend a headline that 
speculated about facts not in evidence.

In your first post you said you saw nothing that indicated you were 
wrong. what do you say now?  It seems to me you have said this:

  1. I say OM is stopping development because I see nothing to indicate
  2. Now I see things that indicate otherwise, so now I can say "first I 
heard of this!"

  You made the classic mistake of taking the absence of evidence as 
evidence of absence.

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