Arora web browser (Qt issue?)

George Brooke at
Mon Apr 13 12:53:40 CEST 2009

I can recreate this with arora 0.4 on my desktop by running it in Xephyr at 
320x240 and it results in the following error (on the console I ran it from)
QWidget::setMinimumSize: (/QMessageBox) Negative sizes (-160,334) are not 
Do you get something similar if you run arora from a console window?
On Saturday 11 April 2009 16:12:36 Nicola Mfb wrote:
> For people using arora (in the past I heard of some debian users), may
> you check and report if you are able to reproduce this:
> *) launch arora
> *) press About Qt on the rightest menu (it's hidden but you can show
> it clicking on ">>")
> On my frerunner (gentoo/e-20090313/qt4.5.0/arora-0.5) the dialog is
> not showed and it's impossible to interact further and quit the
> application.
> Looking at qt sources I suspect an issue on devices with tiny resolution.
> This brings to me another question: how to force killing applications under
> e?
> Regards
>     Nicola
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