Arora web browser (Qt issue?)

George Brooke at
Mon Apr 13 14:07:36 CEST 2009

> Using 640x480 in xephyr fix the issue, but it persists on the
> freerunner even rotating the screen with xrandr, so it may reveal a
> problem for X with glamo, (or at least on my setup, as TS events are
> not rotated too and I did not dig about this yet).
> May you try on your device?
>        Nicola
Hmm it appears to work correctly if arora is starter after the screen was 
rotated (not if the screen is rotated after arora has started) it appears to 
go on working even when the screen has been rotated back to portrait.

Of course these maybe different/incorrect as I can only run arora over X 
forwarding from my dektop atm as I'm using SHR-Testing on my FR.

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