Building a PMP.

ivvmm unachievable at
Mon Apr 13 20:43:47 CEST 2009

(these instructions suppose you'd better buy a PMP and flash it with
Rockbox firmware . for those who are more perverted
read on)

Was able to build a very simple PMP with an Asus EeePC 901 with Debian
GNU/Linux as a player and a OpenMoko Freerunner with SHR as a remote.

1. Install mpd on EeePc (apt-get install mpd), configure it.
2. Install pythm on Freerunner(opkg install pythm).
3. Establish either a USB cable(uncomfortable, you have to deal with at
least one cable: the one between Eee and OM, or worse(the usual) with
two: addition from Eee to your headphones) or wireless
Bluetooth( was the hardest thing
for me, but truly worked) or wireless wifi connection between Eee and OM.
4. Configure pythm to use mpd editing /etc/pythm.conf on your OM. Could
not find graphical configuration dialog.
5. Test it.
6. Should run smoothly.
7. Put Eee into a bag behind your back, connect your headphones to it.
8. Put your OM into a pocket, or on some part of your bicycle.
9. Ride your bike in the streets and impress your friends.

Why listen from Eee and not from OM? Your battery will not last much
after you ask it to play music. Additionally sound quality from Eee
should be better(not tested) than from OM.

Was inspired by friend who listened music from his Nokia
N#Whatevernumberitwas for more than four hours.

On Eee launch a script that will do an infinite loop to connect a PAN
network with your OM. And on your Freerunner a script that will do an
infinite loop of python-agent script presented on bluetooth SHR web
page. Do not forget to enable bt in shr-settings. These two infinite
loops will enable you to suspend your phone without any problem but
remember that it is better to restart pythm after the phone returns from
suspend or it will take _much_more_time to reconnect to mpd.

Using Eee as a player instead of OM will increase both the time you will
be able to listen to music as well as you will save battery of
Freerunner and the storage available for music.

Thank you.

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