[QtExtended] Basic speed comparison

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at telenet.be
Tue Apr 14 10:12:08 CEST 2009

Hi all,

for those interested:

I've done a basic speed comparison with QtE based on a SHR build (the lite
image, many things stripped from it, so it is comparable with the FSO nox
image), the FSO nox image and QtMoko (the debian version created by Radek).
Since I compared 2.6.28 kernel versions, I didn't include the current
qt-extended-improved version from Karadog.
The SHR and FSO images were installed using my install script. QtMoko
already came prepared :-)
I ran all 3 versions from a user perspective (so no console work done after
install). Since all 3 use the same QtE I'm not commeting on ease-of-use or
menu structure or stuff alike.

1) SHR image: had some issues installing the correct atd version, after that
it worked ok. Interface seemed sluggish, although resume seemed better than
the rest (because on resume, you immediately had an image, even though it
took a second before that image became responsive).
2) QtMoko: interface also very slow (probably the kernel is not yet fully
optimized built for openmoko, or maybe qtopia 4.5 is the cullprit).
Sometimes the impression that it missed (even refused) the touching of an
icon, even on the homescreen (btw Radek: delete of a recorded voice note
crashed that app for me ...). Launching other apps also slow.
3) FSO: you guessed it, the best :-) I tested the basic nox image (from
April 5th, since later version don't have ssh working anymore) and the
latest andy-tracking kernel. Interface and apps are respond within
acceptable user-experience-timeframes.

The 2.6.24 version of Radek is still ok, since that's the only version where
bluetooth works reliably from within QtE. Even on 2.6.28 bluetooth is
working ok (probably better, since lots of bluetooth bugfixes made it to the
mainstream kernel and bluez4 is more stable than bluez3), but QtE is not
compatible with bluez4 due to different dbus calls/responses. Work is needed
here and any volunteer is welcome.

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